Package 3

This package provides a great hard-wired solution for an instrumentalist that wants to use in-ear monitors. It is particularly useful for an player that already uses an instrument cable, and would like to use hard-wired in-ear monitors.

The Tasty Blender acts as both a 3-Channel mixer and a headphone amp with built in DSP 3-stage limiting.

The Rockon Cable is a unique cable that provides signal flow for both your instrument signal and your IEM signal. It is manufactured in our USA facility by our skilled technicians to ensure the best quality. Please make sure to select the length and connector types you would like from the drop down menus. The default cable is 15' long and includes straight male connectors on both ends of the instrument line.

Tasty Blender User Manual Download PDF

Rockbox User Manual Download PDF
(Includes helpful diagrams about hard-wired setup)

(1) The Tasty Blender (price:$169.99)
(1) Rockon Cable* (price:$69.99-$99.99)

*The default Rockon Cable in this package is 15' long and includes STRAIGHT MALE TS connectors on both ends of the instrument line. (Perfromer=STR, other:STR)

Please note, this package does not include a set of in-ear monitors. It's up to you to find a set of your choice! There are many options out there, but we recommend Westone IEMs. You can buy the UM1s, UM2s, and UM3s models directly from our website. We also sell the entire Westone IEMs catalog and can help order custom molded tips or complete custom IEMs. Please contact us if you would like to place a custom order or have any further questions.

All of our in-house manufactured products come with our 3-year product guarantee.


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"It works perfect for my in ears in an easy all-in-one package. No more wasting batteries!!"
-Mad Dog Boys, BC Canada

"The ability to take signal from practically anywhere on stage is invaluable!"
-Steve Sperry, guitarist/vocalist, Lubbock TX

"It's totally unobtrusive -no belt pack, which scores big points."
-Peter Healy, guitarist, Leipzig, Germany