Rockon Cable

Includes only the Rockon Cable. This can be used with the Rockbox Limiter or a headphone amp of your choice - but beware, in a live setting, you probably want to limit that signal! But this cable has proven to be very useful in the studio or in a rehearsal setting. Standard Specs are as follows:

Length: 15' (custom lengths available by request)


Instrument end: 1/4" Right Angle Male Instrument Jack (Tip and Sleave). Inline 1/8" female headphone plug. (for plugging in your headphones or in-ear monitors).

"The Other End": 1/4" TRS Male (plug this into the Rockbox Limiter or headphone amp of your choice). 1/4" Female Jack (use a standard instrument cable to send your signal from here to your pedals or amp)

$79.99 USD


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