Can I get a straight instrument plug?

Yes you can! I am happy to take custom cable orders. The standard cable comes with a right-angled instrument plug (to plug into your guitar). There is no extra charge for this custom order.

Is the Rockbox Limiter Headphone Amp Mono or Stereo?

Sorry for the confusion. The Rockbox is now a mono headphone amp. The first version of the headphone amp was stereo (as seen in the early youtube videos) But now the only version that we sell is the Rockbox Limiter (which is mono). It can accept balanced, unbalanced, line level or speaker level signals. It sends your mono input of choice to both ears.

What is the standard power polarity of the Rockbox?

It ships with center-pin positive. The supplied power adapter (aka wall-wort) is center-pin positive. It can be changed by opening up the Rockbox and changing a solder jumper.

How can I change the power polarity?

It must be done by opening up the Rockbox and changing a solder jumper on the PCB. To do this, you must be comfortable with using a soldering iron. A future model of the Rockbox (set to release in April 2010) will have a switch inside the Rockbox that can be switched by hand, and no soldering will be necessary. If you purchased your Rockbox before April 2010, then you can call me directly for instructions, or send it in for the swap.

Can I adjust the threshold of limiting?

Yes you can. This can be done by taking off the face of the Rockbox and adjusting a trimpot (with a standard phillips head screw driver). The Trimpot is clearly labeled, "THRESH". Be sure to not drop anything metal on the PCB while its powered up!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call me with any questions. I am happy to talk with you about your custom setup!

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