...and the bassist checks in

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...and the bassist checks in

Postby njfrese » Mon May 09, 2011 9:01 am

I got my Rock Box a few weeks ago, and finally got the opportunity to try it out last Friday night at our gig. The place we played has woeful acoustics, and I was going home was bleeding ears just about every time. Monitor placement was too far from me, and the glass front of the place was bouncing the sound back to us to the point where I was ready to cry "uncle". I actually went to ear plugs for a few prior gigs there, which was no fun...albeit it did save me some pain and ringing for the next 24 hours.

We have a 16-channel Allen-Heath PA, and are using a small, old Peavy head to drive the monitors (wedges) off that. So I took a line out of the Peavy head directly into the Rock Box, and then came out of the box and into one of the wedges, which was situated in front of one of our guitar players. On the other side of the stage, they went directly from the head to the wedge, end of story. We are hoping to go to a rack-mounted power amp in place of the Peavy sometime soon, and I'm sure that will work fine, too.

Well, folks, can you say "revelation"? During the first (acoustic) set, I could really hear my vocals and the acoustic guitars clearly -- the guitars were like butter in my head set. And when we jacked up the electrics and amps for set #2, guess what? I could STILL hear my vocals well! One of the guys commented that he could actually hear the difference in my vocals, as I was able to "work" the mic better and control what I was singing much better. And yes, all that was because I could actually HEAR what was going on. They tell me I was smiling like a simpleton all night long, and I do believe they are probably correct!

On the down side, I kinda thought I would be able to hear my bass in the ear pieces, but that wasn't really the case. I take a line out of the back of my Little Mark head and into a sub-woofer, but that really didn't translate to any meaningful bass in my ears, unfortunately. It wasn't a big problem, and definitely not a deal killer by any means, as I could CERTAINLY feel and hear the bass in the room. But I figured I'd be able to have bass in the ears. I guess that was my misunderstanding of the set-up more than anything else. Maybe Pete will check in and tell me if I was doing anything wrong in our set-up -- suggestions are most welcome.

So the bottom line: I feel like I've had a life-changing experience, musically speaking. I don't see myself EVER working a gig without this wonderful little box and that crazy cable. So to Pete and all the folks at Rock On Audio -- ya done good, guys! I will recommend this sucker to anyone and everyone looking for a solid solution to the monitor problem. It is a brilliant solution, and thanks to your expertise, available to all of us (poor) musicians at a very, very acceptable price point.

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Re: ...and the bassist checks in

Postby ShihanMark » Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:03 am

Ok bass players here is the solution - I split signal from bass signal with a TC Electronics stereo chorus. Add a Rane Tiny 2 way Crossover in front of the Tasty blender. Channel 1 is low end from x-over Channel 2 is high end from x-over (now dial in your bass sound - more lows / less lows no problem) Channel 3 is mix from board. This setup gives complete control over your bass sound in your ears and doesn't effect the sound your sending to your amp / house.

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